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Carlton T. Mayers II, Esq., featured panelist at NFBPA's FORUM 2024

The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) is the principal and most progressive organization dedicated to the advancement of black public leadership in local and state governments. 

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How to Solve Public Safety Challenges with Equity and Inclusivity

April 5, 2024 | 10:15 AM-11:30 AM ET | Grand Ballroom 3

When it comes to solving public safety challenges, the How is more important than the What. This is why it is  imperative to identify public safety challenges such as preventing and curbing community violence and other  crimes by developing solutions through Public Safety Listening Sessions and Gun Violence Youth Roundtable  Discussions. More specifically, for long-term success, these meetings should focus on empowering community  members, especially those who live in the disadvantaged areas in the community and young people. This can  be accomplished by giving them a voice that advances their inclusion and equity with law enforcement officers  and other public safety stakeholders to improve community-police relations and solve public safety  challenges.     


This effort is being achieved by utilizing Mentimeter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to facilitate Public Safety  Listening Sessions for the creation of a Citywide Public Safety Plan and in Muncie, Indiana to facilitate Gun  Violence Youth Roundtable Discussions for the development of public safety solutions with young people.  Mentimeter is an interactive platform that allows presenters and their audiences to use Wi-Fi devices like  cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc. to interact in real-time with anonymity. As a result, Mentimeter makes  presentations, meetings, and facilitated discussions more engaging for audiences and encourages honest  communications about ‘elephant in the room’ topics like public safety and policing.     


Ultimately, the goal of the Public Safety Listening Sessions and Gun Violence Youth Roundtable Discussions  is to create solutions-oriented processes and mechanisms derived from existing community-based resources  and national evidence-based best practices that are custom-tailored for the specific community.    This workshop will highlight the use of Mentimeter to work with public safety stakeholders to solve public  safety challenges in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muncie, Indiana.     

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