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Decriminalizing Transportation & Movement Report Released

PolicyLink and the Transportation Equity Caucus (TEC) released their "Decriminalizing Transportation & Movement" report. The group seeks to "create a transportation system that is antiracist, noncarceral, accessible, equitable, and safe for all."


Mayers Strategic Solutions LLC contributed to the report as a part of the Removing Enforcement Working Group as an advisor.

Key Takeaways

The TEC recommends the following strategies:
1. Acknowledge systemic racism and repair harm by enacting transportation justice frameworks.
2. Expand the definition of safety to be more inclusive of historically marginalized groups.
3. Divest from enforcement as the primary traffic safety strategy.
4. Eliminate punitive enforcement and decriminalize sustainable and healthy transportation modes.
5. Prevent speeding through roadway design and intelligent speed assistance technologies, not through enforcement.
6. Build community power and ownership by ensuring access to resources and capacity for culturally relevant and contextual solutions.
7. Invest and distribute resources equitably to achieve racially just outcomes and create efficient and safe transportation systems.
8. Promote transparency and accountability through policies and practices.

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