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Carlton Mayers, founder, owner, and Head Consultant of Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC

Carlton T. Mayers II, Esq.

Founder, Owner, and CEO

Carlton T. Mayers II, Esq., as founder, owner and CEO for Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC, has made great strides, with over 10 years of experience advocating for criminal justice reform on Capitol Hill and in more than 30 states. Informed by his experience, Carlton developed Community Empowerment-Centered® Approach and the C.A.T. Method ®, which stands for Community Empowerment, Accountability, and Transparency. Growing up with a diverse heritage in New York City, Carlton learned to value community, passion, and commitment. And the recent successes related to public safety and policing reform in several states and localities across the U.S. through Carlton's assistance, including the Kalamazoo County Open Database Resolution, further solidifies his devotion to helping communities break down the silos that prevent the open and honest exchange of information so that community members and law enforcement can effectively collaborate with each other to support public safety and ensure police accountability.