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Joan Esposito

"Live, Local, and Progressive Radio Show" 


Caroline Morse

“Dayton Unit NAACP Advocates for ‘Community Centered Policing: A Force for Change’ Initiative” 


NOBLE_Logo_Large _002_.jpg
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)

Report of the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force

March, 2021

Also available here

Breane Lyga

“Community Empowered Policing Takes Center Stage at Rockford NAACP MLK Day Roundtable,” 


Injustice Watch.png
Sam Stecklow (Invisible Institute)

“Illinois Criminal Justice Overhaul Makes it Easier to Decertify Bad Cops. But it Could be Harder for the Public to Learn About Them.” 


Hannah Edelman

“Families impacted by police shootings call for social justice, transparency in Wilmington” 


Venice Interfaith Community Association 

"Decarceration Through a Community-Oriented Criminal Justice System"  


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WWMT News Channel 3 

"Commissioners support Kalamazoo County arrest database despite prosecutor pushback"


Safe-T act.png

“Safe-T Act: its explanation and when it could go into effect"



"City leaders host Racial Healing session to urge collaboration on the implementation of the SAFE-T Act"


WZZM News Channel 13

"NAACP and Grand Rapids working together to change police surveillance technology rules"


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Seton Hall University

“Law Enforcement and Community Empowerment for Safer Communities” 


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Fox 17 West Michigan

"Grand Rapids looks to make 'needed' change to city's surveillance policy"


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WoodTV Virtual Channel 8

"GR officials, NAACP announce recommended surveillance changes"


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Leslie Fields

“Racial Justice Is Environmental Justice” 




"Accountability through decertification of Police who engage in misconduct."

Check out the latest published piece by Carlton Mayers II, Esq. in the SDIG's Global Diversity & Inclusion Journal. (Pages 53-57) 

“The Danger of Surveillance Technology to Communities of Color Needs to Be Closely Examined”

The Grand Rapids Times (July 2nd, 2021)

Grand Rapids Times.jpg
"End qualified immunity for police officers to combat abuses"

Carlton T. Mayers, ll, Esq. and former law enforcement officer Sonia Pruitt convey the importance of ending qualified immunity so that law enforcement officers who abuse their position can be held accountable for their actions. 



An Interview with Carlton on Kalamazoo's Open Database

 (November 2022)

Carlton discusses his role in assisting in the development of the city's Open Database and what information that database will include, and how it will affect the community of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This information is readily available to the public. 

GR NAACP Press conference SS-final.jpg
Grand Rapids NAACP chapter and the City of Grand Rapids hold a press conference on administrative changes to the Surveillance Services Policy

 (December 14, 2021)

Carlton T. Mayers, ll, Esq. joins the Grand Rapids NAACP, city commissioners, and others to discuss how the public and city partnership will improve the City’s Administrative Policy on the Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Equipment and Surveillance Services.  

NAACP Grand Rapids 4.13.22 Video SS.png
Grand Rapids NAACP chapter reacts to release of Patrick Lyoya police shooting video

 (April 13, 2022)

NAACP Grand Rapids Branch President Cle Jackson and Carlton T. Mayers, ll, Esq. discuss the tragedy of the officer-involved shooting and address the need for disciplinary action within the Grand Rapids Police Department.

BBC News interview with Carlton T. Mayers, ll, Esq. and NAACP Grand Rapids Branch President Cle Jackson on the police shooting of Patrick Lyoya in Grand Rapids, Michigan

As international interest in the U.S.'s police misconduct grows, Carlton and Cle Jackson are at the forefront of those discussions to express to the global community what changes need to be implemented to achieve justice for families and communities.

National Network for Justice, “State of Affairs: Examining the Intersectionality of Progressive and Regressive State Legislation” 

The State Issues Working Group of the Justice Roundtable

 (July 21, 2021)

In this online presentation Carlton Mayers II, Esq., presents the progressive state and local laws that were enacted since Breonna Taylor and George Floyd's deaths in 2020.

NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch Press Conference on 
Police Use of Surveillance Technology 

(August 17, 2021)

As the Branch's Special Advisor on Public Safety, Carlton Mayers II, Esq., spoke at this press conference on proposed amendments to the City of Grand Rapids' Administrative Policy on the Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Equipment and Surveillance Services to ensure the substantive involvement of community members in the acquisition and use of surveillance technologies by the Grand Rapids Police Department and other city agencies.

A Conversation with Dr. Joseph Nwoye on the Future of State and 
Local Policing Reform Legislation Since 2020 

(October 30, 2021)

Join Carlton Mayers II, Esq., and Dr. Nwoye, the founder of Systemic Diversity and Inclusion Group Company (SDIG), as they discuss Equity and Social Justice Warriors. 

NAACP rockford presentation SS.png
"Racial Healing" event at the NAACP Rockford, Illinois Branch

Along with Representative Maurice A. West ll and Dr. Litesa Wallace at this Rockford, Illinois event, Carlton shares his knowledge of the SAFE-T Act as well as how his C.A.T. Method ® will assist in the implementation of safer and more effective policies. 

NAACP Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Branch holds news conference on surveillance technology

The Grand Rapids NAACP held a news conference regarding the city's surveillance equipment in which Carlton discusses how the proposed amendments to the administrative policy for the city of Grand Rapids on surveillance equipment and services will improve public safety. Provisions that include the creation of the Surveillance Oversight Committee, mandatory public hearings before and after technology is purchased, and other measures that will create a clear picture of how surveillance use impacts municipalities.

Grand Rapids overhauls surveillance technology purchase policy

NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch President Cle J. Jackson, NAACP advisor Carlton T. Mayers II, Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and Grand Rapids City Manager Mark Washington speak during a joint press conference held by the NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch and officials from Grand Rapids about the city's overhaul of its surveillance technology purchase policy at City Hall on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021.

(Cory Morse |

Ferguson 9.29.20 screengrab.jpg
September 29, 2020 Courageous Conversation -
Ferguson Consent Decree, Part 1

Carlton is a panel speaker, along with the Ferguson Police Chief, the Ferguson Consent Decree Coordinator, and State Senator Brian Williams, at this event hosted by advocates in Ferguson, Missouri where they discuss the status of the Ferguson consent decree.