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Jill Fitcheard 
Executive Director, Nashville Community Review Board, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

“Carlton Mayers brought his expansive knowledge of administrative, policy and organizational development to the table while working with the Metropolitan Nashville Community Oversight Board. His ability to assess the structural, culture and systems changes needed to advance our work during some of the most tumultuous times of our existence speaks volumes of his credibility and expertise in policing reform. His overall assessment of our agency was professional, thorough, thoughtful, and left us with a blueprint of how to move forward.  Working with Carlton was a wonderful and insightful experience, and we appreciate the opportunity to have worked with him.”

Rep. Camille Y. Lilly 
Illinois State Representative 78th District

"Mr. Mayers worked directly with me on ensuring returning citizens that are returning home from incarceration in Illinois have opportunities to gain adequate training, certification, and employment in the clean energy industry. His expertise in and understanding of the intersectionality among reentry reform, environmental justice, and reimagining public safety provided added value to the clean energy industry here in Illinois it enhanced our legislative efforts to sustains equity opportunities across a number of industries.  Given Mr. Mayers’ background as a national expert, his insights and knowledge on drafting and amending legislative language reflect real equity and inclusivity. Carlton is a talented professional with a big heart. I truly enjoyed working with him on legislation and other community issues."

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Ashley Manlove in Circle.png
Chairwoman Ashley Manlove
Missouri Legislative Black Caucus
Kansas City, Missouri

“In a time where there is so much misinformation and manipulation of facts, Mr. Mayers is a beacon of light for honest and intentional research. Mr. Mayers has been instrumental in helping Missouri’s Legislative Black Caucus understand the intricacies and similarities in policing reform legislation and action on a nationwide scale. One such occasion Mr. Mayers gave a presentation on possible solutions to policing reform from a community engagement lens. It is imperative to realize that we need the police but they are a part of a community whose input they should value and implement.

I hope to continue to work with him and create legislation that makes Missouri better.”

President Cle JacksonNAACP Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Branch

“The Greater Grand Rapids Branch of the NAACP retained Attorney Carlton Mayers, II to provide professional consultation and strategic direction for our legal redress and criminal justice work over the past year. Mr. Mayers’ professional expertise and acumen in criminal justice reform has allowed us to take our work to another level. He has led our efforts to demand that the Grand Rapids Police Department and the City of Grand Rapids Municipal Government revise their current policy on surveillance technology that has and will continue to disproportionately impact communities of color and low wealth and poor white communities. Furthermore, Mr. Mayers has provided training and consultation to our membership and local communities about Community Empowerment-Centered Policing Reform ℠ which has been a game changer for us in the Greater Grand Rapids community. We are confident that the work Mr. Mayers has led for our local Branch over the past year will be systemic and life saving for our residents. Mr. Mayers is exceptional, strategic and thoroughly understands the mechanics of civil rights, civil liberties and the damaging impact when these fundamental rights are violated and not protected.”

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Sonya Vasquez 3 in Circle.png
Sonya VasquezCEO & Founder of Speak Justice in Fort Walton, Florida 

“Attorney Mayers is very sharp and knowledgeable on improving community-police relations. He’s solutions oriented and focuses on custom tailoring solutions for the community based on national and state best practices. He’s also really good at explaining complex legal concepts in a clear and understandable way. Attorney Mayers educated members of Speak Justice on Community Empowerment-centered policing reform related to negotiations of police union contracts and other areas of policing reform. He consulted with me on analyzing and explaining Florida’s laws related to civilian oversight of law enforcement and other police accountability mechanisms as well. This is important since Florida has a Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights law. I used Attorney Mayers’ analysis to collaborate with the Fort Walton Police Department on developing and implementing reforms to improve community-police relations. I appreciate his commitment to empower community members and look forward to continuing to work with him.”

Josh Hilgart
Executive Director, Kalamazoo Defender

"Carlton was introduced to me by a friend from the State of Michigan's Office Civil Rights as a potential resource for our community projects around criminal justice reform. What a great contact to have made.


After an initial conversation with him about reform efforts in Kalamazoo, we hired Carlton to run a campaign to get our County to produce a publicly available database on arrests, charges, court outcomes, etc. Through that project, Carlton came to be a friend to me and others in Kalamazoo as his competence and high emotional intelligence came to be known. This has led to additional engagements from other quarters  of the city and county.


In our case, Carlton brought to the table three critical ingredients: 1) he was a subject matter expert on criminal justice reform; 2) he readily understood the politics peculiar to our locale; and 3) his character and approach unified the community around a common vision and solution, without alienating those who were slower to come onboard.


If you are in need of a national expert on criminal justice reform, whether as a source of information or a facilitator of that reform, Carlton may be an effective solution and warrants your consideration."

Josh Hilgart in a Circle.png
Jerry & Carol McIntosh
Movement for Change, Inc. Pensacola, Florida

“Carlton/Attorney Mayers is dedicated to collaborating with organizations and leaders in our community.


I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Mayers a couple of years ago at an event. I observed his participation and interaction with the people around him and was impressed with his knowledge of the subject matter.


While at Southern Poverty Law Center, he worked with Movement for Change, Inc. in identifying, strategizing and implementing criminal justice reforms. He has remained committed to providing his perspective on racial justice and police reform to our continued efforts to reimagine public safety in Pensacola and its surrounding areas.


Attorney Mayers has also been instrumental in delivering crucial information to the community by guest speaking on the following virtual shows:”


       Our Voices – The People’s Media Community Conversation


“The level of information he provides in all issue areas, especially police reform and anti-protest law is outstanding. He is always welcome to guest speak, host or just call in to interject a point of view or focus that might have been overlooked.


 Attorney Mayers exemplifies an outstanding man who has proven that he is dedicated to hard work, follow through and team work. He is a true leader and friend and we are honored to have met him.”

Fred Royal
Co-chairman of the Policy Committee for the
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Collaborative Community Committee 
& First Vice President of the NAACP Milwaukee Branch

"Attorney Mayers has been extremely helpful in supporting our policing reform efforts in Wisconsin since 2014, when he directed NAACP National Office’s Criminal Justice Reform department and presented NAACP’s Born Suspect: End Racial Profiling Report in Milwaukee. More recently, he worked with the NAACP Wisconsin State Conference to provide his policing reform expertise to the Wisconsin General Assembly Speaker’s Task Force on Racial Disparities Subcommittee on Law Enforcement Policies and Standards. His unique perspective as a national policing reform expert helped us pass policing reform bills that address concerns of community members related to use of force, chokeholds, public reporting of police data, etc. He also assisted us to prevent the passage of harmful bills that would have undermined our existing police accountability mechanisms and efforts to invest in necessary community programs that ultimately prevent crime. His wealth of knowledge and experience on policing reform and commitment to community empowerment is greatly appreciated!"

Fred Royal In Circle.png
Patrese Griffin in Circle.png
Former Vice Mayor Patrese Griffin
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Carlton Mayers brings a level of experience and expertise of law enforcement systems that can be invaluable to communities should they take him up on his recommendations and adopt his Community Empowerment-centered policing reform model. The City of Kalamazoo hired him to help strategize the negotiations of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety’s collective bargaining agreements and to review the City’s policies, practices and procedures related to public safety. Carlton’s community-centered policing reform approach and equity lens was instrumental to our learning and beginning to understand the ways our community could be transformed. His work and subject matter expertise are greatly appreciated.”

State Senator Lena Taylor

“Carlton has been an amazing resource for my office and Wisconsin as we worked on police reform legislation.


Taking the time to go line by line with me and the drafters to determine the needed amendments was not only generous with your time, but priceless as I worked with those on the opposite extreme of most reforms!  Carlton’s knowledge of national work that worked to embrace the advocates, police, and the legislative sides was more helpful than words can express.”   

Lena Taylor in Circle.png
Dr Derrick L Foward in a Circle with Testimonial Pics.png
President Dr. Derrick L. Foward
NAACP Dayton, Ohio Branch

"On behalf of the Dayton Unit of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I would like to personally thank you for your participation at our Monthly Community Meeting serving as our distinguished guest speaker.

I truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with citizens throughout the Dayton Region.

The information you provided on “Community Centered Policing: A Force for Change” was quite interesting. It was very noticeable that you have a lot of passion and are committed to your job. The leadership you provide in your respective area of expertise is invaluable. Keep up the great work!!!"

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