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Working Hand-In-Hand

Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC works with state and local governments, law enforcement agencies, community-based organizations and community members on supporting public safety by improving community-police relations and curbing gun violence in Black, Indigenous, People Of Color communities together.

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State Resolutins Passed

Recently Passed Resolutions and Policies

Presentation on the Prosecutorial Open Database resolution at the Kalamazoo County Commission meeting that helped lead to the passing of the resolution

In this video Carlton discusses how Open Databases will increase accountability and transparency, which will improve public trust and knowledge in government agencies. Carlton was the Campaign Manager for the Prosecutorial Open Database resolution and drafted the resolution in collaboration with the Committee for Criminal Justice Transparency, which includes the Kalamazoo County Public Defender's Office, ISAAC, (Truth, Healing, and Transformation), and NAACP Kalamazoo, Michigan Branch. Since this presentation the Kalamazoo County Commission has voted to pass the Prosecutorial Open Database resolution and its implementation is underway. 

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Kalamazoo Resolution

The Indiana NAACP Friday Evening Opening Session discusses with Carlton the Resolution ECJ Fossil Fuels, Police Reform, Community Empowerment and the Criminalization of Energy Critical Infrastructure. 

Carlton was the keynote speaker for the NAACP Indiana State Conference in 2020 and presented on the intersections between policing reform and environmental/climate justice, and how to reimagine public safety through Community Empowerment-centered policing reform.


NAACP Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Branch related to the City of Grand Rapids' and the Grand Rapids Police Department's use of surveillance technologies and services.

After the City of Grand Rapids' adoption of our proposed amendments, community members will now be empowered to be involved in, have knowledge of, and have decision-making authority over the purchase, acquisition, use, and deployment of surveillance technologies and services by all City entities.

Grand Rapids Success

NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch & City of Grand Rapids Press Conference on Administrative Policy Change

"The proposed overhaul of the City’s Administrative Policy on the Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Equipment and Surveillance Services includes allowing residents to file complaints about misuse or overuse of surveillance technology and an audit process that could discontinue usage of the technology. It was outlined to city commissioners on December 7."

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See what Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC is about.
As well as assisting with legislation creation, Carlton Mayers works earnestly with local activists and organizers to share his expertise on reforms related to improving community-police relations and curbing gun violence in the most affected neighborhoods.
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