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See what Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC has been busy doing.
NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch, Michigan

Amending the City of Grand Rapids Administrative Policy on the Acquisition and Use of Surveillance Equipment and Services by all City entities to prevent the violation of civil liberties and the over policing of Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color communities.  

Sierra Club’s National Office

Developed the national public safety platform to foster healthy communities.

Speak Justice in Florida

Analyze and present on various topics related to policing reform and public safety.

Lymond Moses' Family in Wilmington, Delaware

Identifying, developing, and implementing state and local policing reforms. 

The City of Milwaukee and the Collaborative Community Committee 

Developing a Community-Police Engagement Plan Blueprint to curb gun violence and address police accountability 

The City of Kalamazoo, Michigan

Conducted a workshop for City Commissioners, the Mayor, Vice Mayor, the City Manager, the police chief, and other City staff on strategizing for the negotiations of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety collective bargaining agreements/police union contracts.  

The Committee for Criminal Justice Transparency, (including the Kalamazoo County Public Defender’s Office; ISAAC; Truth, Healing, and Transformation; and the NAACP Kalamazoo, Michigan Branch​)

Drafted the Prosecutorial Open Database resolution to create a publicly accessible online database containing all arrests within Kalamazoo County, all criminal charges issued by the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, and all criminal court outcomes broken down by race, gender, and location.

See what Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC is about.

Collaborative Efforts

Over the years Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC has had the opportunity to work closely with many different organizations and government departments to achieve necessary change in communities all across the country.
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